Dermotopia is on Facebook!

Dermotopia is on Facebook!

Dermotopia is on Facebook!

Dermotopia is on Facebook! Thumbs up from Flickr user SEO.

Rather than making a newsletter (which ends up in the spam mail anyway), we decided to make a Facebook page for Dermotopia. So if you are interested in following Dermotopia, please like the page to be updated on our newest posts! We will post approximately once a week, so you shouldn’t be flooded with incoming Facebook feeds x times per day/hour…. Also feel free to share and comment on posts, if you have questions or suggestions.

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  1. needed to see this as I am trying to avoid alcohol in my skin regimen…I currently use Estee repair serum, Trish Mc eVOY MOISTURIZERS and refining cream, Bobbi Brown facial moisturizers, estee eye cream repair, DR. Dennis Gross exfoliating pads and skin repair c+ collagen serum, Ulta tinted moisturizer(facial) Dior body milk lotion, Victoria Secret lotion and spray, Liz Taylr White Diamonds body lotion and perfume, Keranique shampoo and conditioner. Sweet Almond oil body lotion.
    Do these all contain high degrees of alcohol bad for skin? Thank you

    • Hi Donald, and thank you for your comment. As you can read in the article you can check the (relative) level of alcohol yourself by looking at the ingredients list on the products you mention. If one of the following names is mentioned among the first five ingredients, it means that it has a high level of alcohol and should be avoided: alcohol/denat. alcohol/ethanol/SD Alcohol 40-B. I checked the peel pads (Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel) for you, and alcohol is the very first ingredient! Try to check the others yourself, and see what you find! Best of luck

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