Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

Best Micellar Waters for Sensitive Skin

Cleansing your skin every evening (and morning, if needed) is the second-most important part of a COMP skin care routine. A well-formulated micellar water or cleansing water can be a great option for people who prefer to remove makeup and/or clean their skin quickly with a cotton pad and without using water. You can read more about cleansing micellar waters in the following or skip directly to our list of… Read More »

The Best BB Creams

BB creams (aka blemish balms aka beauty balms) became all the rage in the early 2010’s but have actually been around for quite some decades – sometimes labelled tinted moisturizers with SPF. In this regard CC creams (mainly launched as a follow-up to the BB craze) are not that different from BB creams, although they sometimes offer better coverage, closer to that of a foundation. Read more about BB creams… Read More »

Best AHA exfoliants

The Best AHA Exfoliants

For those who have dry and/or sun damaged skin, one of the best ways to optimize the appearance and quality of the skin is to use an effective AHA exfoliant. While multiple skincare products contain one or more AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), only those with a acidic (‘sour’) pH between 3 and 4 will actually as work as exfoliants on your skin. You can read more about how AHAs work in… Read More »

Avene Mineral Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+

The Best Sun Creams for Face and Body

Sun protection is a must for everybody regardless of age and ethnicity. However, a sun cream is no good if it merely sits unused in your bathroom cabinet because you don’t like the feeling of it on your skin. Therefore it can pay off to spend a little time to find a sun cream which feels great on your skin. Multiple brands have made sun creams especially formulated for the… Read More »

The Best BHA Exfoliants

The Optimizing part of a COMP skincare routine can consist of various steps, but one of the best for most skin types (except dry and sundamaged skin) is to use an effective BHA exfoliant. “Effective” in this case means that the product is acidic (“sour”) enough for the BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) to work as an exfoliant, which is why a pH between 3 and 4 is preferred. You can read… Read More »

4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup

Best Pressed Mineral Powder Foundations

The most important step of any skincare routine, no matter how simple or complicated, should be to protect your skin against the sun’s UV rays. Therefore you should use sun cream or a moisturizer with SPF every day, but if you are anyway using makeup in the daytime, why not make sure that it is as beneficial for your skin as possible by containing one or more sun filters –… Read More »

Topix Replenix Smoothing Serum 2x

The Best Retinol Serums

A retinol serum is a great way to Optimize your skin as part of a COMP skincare routine. While retinol/vitamin A is far from the only great anti-aging ingredient out there (others include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and E etc.), it plays a rather fundamental part in a good anti-aging skincare routine. Below we have made a list of five of the best retinol serums with low or moderate concentrations of… Read More »

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

Best Loose Mineral Foundation Powders

Foundation and powders with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) can be a great way to add to the daily protection of your face against the sun’s damaging rays. Mineral foundations mostly have a SPF around 15-20, if they contain one or both of the two physical sun filters titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. However, unless you apply your foundation in a very thick layer (and who does that nowadays?) you will not… Read More »

Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer

The Best Retinol Creams

If you are into anti-aging skin care, retinol products should necessarily be a part of your skin care routine. Why? Because unlike the vast amount of exotic ingredients (ranging from gold to crocodile oil), cosmetic brands campaign for every year, retinol has actually proven its efficacy for anti-aging in decades worth of peer-reviewed research. You can include retinol in your skin care routine by using a retinol moisturizer for day… Read More »

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Soothing Moisturizer

The Best Calming Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin

A soothing moisturizer is a must for everybody with overly sensitive skin (including rosacea and eczema) – and an elective for everybody else. It is characterized by calming down your skin rather than over-stimulating it, and can be used all over your face or just on especially irritated or sensitive areas. Even people who otherwise have “normal”, more robust skin can benefit from using a calming moisturizer occasionally if they… Read More »