Fragrance in Skincare Products

Skincare is meant to care for your skin with carefully selected ingredients that will create a pleasant and beneficial concoction to go on your skin. An aspect of a product’s pleasantness is of course its smell as nobody likes to put or leave on foul-smelling skincare products. Fragrant ingredients can both be used to cover over malodorous compounds – or more typical, to make a skincare product smell in a… Read More »

Alcohol in skincare

Alcohol in Skincare Products

In chemistry an alcohol is any organic compound with a functional hydroxyl group (-OH), which means that there are thousands of different alcohols, usually named ending on -ol. Many of these are actually beneficial for skin, for example the so-called fatty alcohols such as arachidyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, hexyl decanol, stearyl alcohol etc. Therefore, the mere presence of the word “X alcohol” in the ingredient list of a skincare product… Read More »

Perfume allergy

Methylisothiazolinone: A Risky Preservative

Preservatives in skincare and cosmetics are not “unnecessary chemicals”, but vital ingredients to ensure that the products do not grow moldy and cause health problems when applied to your skin. That being said, it is of course important that the added preservatives are safe to use and do not cause a different kind of health problem. Dermotopia has previously argued against the suspicion towards all parabenes in the article Parabenes: Safer… Read More »

Parabens: Safer than You Think

10 years ago nobody were paying any special attention to parabens and especially methyl- and ethylparaben were to be found on the majority of ingredient lists for skincare products. Nowadays, more and more products (especially in the EU) pride themselves of being paraben-free in the same way as they pride themselves of being fragrance-free. So, what has happened between then and now to cause such a dramatic change in the… Read More »