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What we aim to do

Dermotopia has the ambition of being your best friend when it comes to advice and recommendations about skin care. And as your best friend, we owe loyalty to no one else but you. We know that most skin care brands usually have some good products, but also that even the best skin care lines include products which are unnecessary, overpriced or down-right bad for most skin types. The majority of our content is unbiased skin care advice, reviews of the best products available and information on ingredients used in cosmetics and skin care products. Dermotopia.com is run by well-informed consumers for well-informed consumers who wish to cut past the marketing BS* and get the lowdown on what works and what doesn’t.

What we don’t do

Dermotopia is not run by dermatologists or doctors, and if you have a severe skin condition like psoriasis, eczema, stubborn acne etc. we sincerely urge you to seek advice for treating this at a certified dermatologist or doctor rather than anywhere on the Internet, including this website.


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If you want to support Dermotopia, simply purchase products from Amazon via the product links we provide in our “best skincare products” reviews. That way, we receive a small percentage of the amount you purchase for – to no extra cost for you! Win-win.

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